Week In Review: Britain moves a step closer to legalizing gay marriage, could this mark a turning point around the world?

Though British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party was split on the measure, a bill to legalize gay marriage in England and Wales is expected to pass with support from Labour and the Liberal Democrats. 

Polls have shown a majority of Brits support same-sex marriage, unlike the French, where tens of thousands took to the streets of Paris in January and February, to protest their government’s plan to legalize same-sex marriage.

How will impending legislation in Britain and France impact popular opinion worldwide? Which countries have already legalized gay marriage? Which countries are close?

Does Tory opposition to gay marriage signal a UK ‘culture war?’

French government unfazed by massive anti-gay marriage protest

Gay marriage laws around the globe

Photos: (Top) Civilly-partnered gay couple Tony (l.) and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, of Chelmsford, Essex pose near the Houses of Parliament in London February 5. Photo by Chris Helgren/Reuters

(Left) Opponents to government plans to legalize same-sex marriage, adoption and medically assisted procreation for same-sex couples, demonstrate in Marseille southern France Feb. 2. Photo by Claude Paris/AP

An activist wearing gay pride colors stands outside Parliament where lawmakers debated same sex marriage law in Montevideo, Uruguay, in December. Lawmakers postponed a vote on the measure until April. Photo by Matilde Campodonico/AP    


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Photos: (Top)The skeleton of Richard III was discovered at the Grey Friars excavation site in Leicester on Feb. 4. Photo by: University of Leicester/Reuters.

(Left) Kate Middleton’s nose has caused quite a stink in the UK. Women have been getting plastic surgery to modify their own noses to look like the Duchess of Cambridge’s, according to the Daily Mail. Photo by Associated Press

(Right) A painting of King Richard III by an unknown artist from the 16th Century. Photo by: Neil Hall/Reuters

Olympic medal count: USA sets historic gold medal mark 

Olympic medal count: USA sets historic gold medal mark 

"…there is much more at stake than the feel-good factor generated by a jolly good party. Many Britons believe it’s essential that William and Catherine restore some of the dignity that has been chiseled from the monarchy in the past 20 years. And their union – its success or failure – may have profound implications for the future of the royal institution."

— Paul Wootton, speaking of the significance of the Royal Wedding on Friday. From his story, Prince William and Kate Middleton are ‘last chance’ for royals to keep Britain’s affection