The few, the proud, the Afghanistan correspondents?

Interesting post from, discussing the lack of regular coverage from American print media in Afghanistan. 

According to the post:

The American print press is almost totally absent from Afghanistan, leaving the reporting to a handful of news organizations. TV coverage averages 21 seconds per newscast for NBC and not much more for ABC and CBS.  

The Monitor counts among the handful of wire services, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, McClatchy Newspapers, AP, Reuters and few others still present in the area.

So, we wanted to put a face behind the name Tom A. Peter, our main correspondent in Afghanistan: 

Tom’s official 2010 mugshot.

Formerly a Monitor staffer and now a freelance journalist living in Kabul, Peter has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, the West Bank, Kuwait, Jordan, and throughout the United States. He’s a native Californian, who graduated from Northwestern University where he majored in Middle Eastern Studies and minored in creative writing. 

Of course, besides being impressed with his work on-the-ground in Afghanistan, we are proud to say we knew him when…

Tom, as part of the National News Desk in 2007, wearing his Halloween costume.